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I’ve been vegetarian for most of my life, vegan for 16 years (up until recently). I’m now a vegetarian that doesn’t eat cheese, but I’m not one for labels – I think what you choose to eat is your own business. I’ve always resonated with the philosophy behind raw food of eliminating sugar and processed crappy foods and eating fresh fruit and veggies, sprouts, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and making things from scratch instead. I like to make thoughtful food that looks and feels good: physically, emotionally and morally.

I’ve been making raw food since 2001 and back then there wasn’t much around in terms of recipes, books or even some of the ingredients I take for granted now. Since then, I’ve collected a huge stack of raw food recipe books. I find I’m drawn to the ones full of images the most, but find I simplify most of the recipes because I’m lazy – I just can’t be bothered waiting two days to make one dish with dehydrating, soaking, etc. So as much as possible my recipes are simple and don’t take days and days to make. I also try to make them look beautiful to try and shake the preconceptions that this kind of food isn’t going to look appealing.

Super Natural Food is my just-for-fun side project. In real life I work as a freelance illustrator, graphic and web designer at my design studio, Bird and you can contact me there, I’d love to hear from you.

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Adrianne 🙂