Sacred Strawberry Update | Sacred Strawberry

Hello friends, and happy winter! If you follow us locally, then you have probably noticed that we are not at the Shreveport Farmers’ Market this Fall, nor are our products available for purchase at Sunshine Health Foods at the moment.  This is because we really felt a need to step back and re-evaluate the direction and vision that we have always had for Sacred Strawberry.

We absolutely believe in the regenerative power of raw food nutrition, and we feel that raw foods are a fundamental element in creating a life that you love with passion and vitality.  But food is only one part of the health and wellness pie, and we have so much more to offer than just raw food knowledge.  During this time, we are working on some new projects that we are excited to share with you in due time.   Raw food is a part of it, as is our extensive knowledge of edible and medicinal wild plants.  We hope you understand that, and are patient with us while we find our place in this crazy world again.

In the meantime, please know that we are still here! We are offering boxes of raw chocolates made to order for this holiday season.  We are also still available for catering. If you are in need of raw pizza and chocolate cake, let us know!!  We’ve got you covered.  You can also contact us for a special order of ANY of our products you know and love.  We are happy to make whatever it is that you are missing.  Please be aware that there is a minimum order as they are made special for you!

Also new is our first product line combining the edible with the medicinal! We have two new truffles- one is an iron rich truffle specifically for anemia and the other is a lactation truffle for mamas who need an extra milky boost! Stay tuned for where to purchase.

Don’t forget our Holiday Treats workshop on December 6th! Come learn to make guilt free, delicious and nutrient dense sweets for your family and friends this Christmas!

With wishes for your health and happiness,

Emily and Daniel