Lunch at Be Raw in Dallas! – Sacred Strawberry

Last week during out quick trip to Dallas, we took advantage of being there and went back to BeRaw. I blogged about our fantastic meal the last time we ate there, about a year to date. I’m glad to see they are still up and running! This time, we both started with a green juice. Dan got cucumber, celery and ginger. I got cucumber, celery, kale, lemon and apple. I think these juices were the only disappointment in our meal. They weren’t good, and I can down some green juice. That’s ok though. This little cutie drank some:

Then a cucumber pineapple gazpacho with avocado:

Dan got the burger, and I got the tacos and we halved them:

Everything was so good! Can’t wait till we go back again.

For the long drive back, I stopped at Whole Foods for a proper green juice, cold brew and raw cacao truffles. I knew I needed to be wired for that trip lol.

We also stopped back at the same spring we went to on the way there and refilled. It was a quick trip with a lot of driving but we had fun!