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Nag champa incense smell in the bedroom. Not living in our own house right now is challenging, but walking into our bedroom and being enveloped in this scent makes me happy. It energetically feels like it makes the space ours even though we are surrounded by my mothers things.

New books! I look at them as an investment. Personally and professionally, never stop striving to do better than ever! Education is key in this endeavor .

20130701-173239-9859507 Rosemary Gladstar- Medicinal Herbs A Beginner’s Guide

Now, while I wouldn’t exactly call myself a beginner, I have never read one of her books and it is always fun to review the fundamentals of ANY topic you love! I love discovering new techniques and approaches to things I do well icon_smile-3675026

Superfood Kitchen- Julie Morris Same thing here as above. I love reading new recipes with ingredients I use daily! When you discover a new combination of flavors or textures, it is so exciting! The Law of Divine Compensation- Marianne Williamson

I have so much baggage around the topic of success, especially financial. It stems from a history of simply not valuing myself and I have worked hard over the last few years to overcome it. I chose this book because I still have a lot of resistance to actually choosing to love myself and value my gifts.

Smoothies- I seem to have gotten my smoothie groove back. Here are a few I posted to Instagram

Frozen blueberry and banana, hemp seeds, coconut water, Malabar spinach from the garden, pomegranate powder and Ormus supergreens.

Frozen banana and peach, Malabar spinach, local kale,fresh stevia leaf from the garden, moringa leaf powder, sprouted flaxseed, medjool dates and coconut water.

20130701-175116-2219443 Young coconut meat and water, frozen banana, strawberry, strawberry powder, lucuma, Yumberry powder, and Medicine Flower strawberry extract. Shared with a special Littles in her special sippy cup.

20130701-1754531-1680740 Carrot Cake made with coconut, hazelnut pulp, carrot pulp, dried pineapple, dates, lucuma, mesquite, coconut sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and clove. Frosting made with cashews, coconut sugar, vanilla, probiotic powder and spring water, gently fermented and then chilled. So freaking awesome ;). I am loving the leftover cream with all the fresh berries from the Farmer’s Market.

Lots of work to do before getting ready for tomorrow’s market so off I go!

As per yesterday’s post, I am spending the majority of today packing for the weekend. Even for just a short trip, the amount of planning necessary to make sure a baby has everything necessary is truly EPIC!! So while I have my glorious cup of morning coffee with almond milk, I thought I’d share a few things that I am loving in my world lately!

– This sweet and silly girl with her mouth green from chlorella tablets (man, she went to town on those things LOVE IT!!!) and her finger up daddy’s nose.

-Also, this chocolate which is some of the best in existence! True facts!

-Last, but not least… FarMar! I am loving all the seasonal and local produce now! Tomato, cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini, corn, purple hull peas and GREENS galore. Also lemongrass, dill, watermelon, blackberries, blueberries….the list goes on. Not only is it amazing to be selling my wares, but I love supporting my local farmers and knowing that I am giving my body and my family the best of the best! Here are a few of my stall at the FarMar..