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We had a great time at Festival International de Louisiane. Amethyst’s first festival experience was a success! We listened to Iranian trance music complete with Sufi dancers, saw old friends we needed to reconnect with, laughed and ate (none of which was raw or even vegan-shock horror!! Oh wait- really late one night I stopped at the grocery store and got a kombucha and some frozen raw lemon pie hehe)

Anyway, after the excesses of this weekend, it became so glaringly obvious just how physically unfit I have become since giving birth. Well, and scales don’t lie either. So instead of falling into a black hole of despair and apathy as per usual, tomorrow I am going to start a smoothie cleanse again to lighten things up and hopefully gain some energy and clarity. So I will be posting about that this week. Also, tomorrow I need to get my butt in the kitchen to create some alchemical delights that I look forward to sharing here as well.

Here’s to an amazing week ahead y’all!


I have been laid up with the flu feeling something pretty awful for about a week now. Just as I start feeling a wee bit better, the hubby and baby start feeling bad.  I haven’t been doing or taking much for it but I have:

used colloidal silver spray, drunk lots of spring and coconut water, made herbal teas with licorice root to soothe the throat, hot lemon and honey, green smoothies and taken my vitamins.  Here is to a more productive upcoming week!