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I know I’ve posted about gratitude before. I’m sure there have been a few gratitude lists and explanations, but it is worth revisiting because I truly believe it is one of the simplest, most effective and yet undervalued tools for emotional transformation. It is a fundamentally spiritual tool- by putting out there what AMAZINGNESS already exists in your life, you open up to more of it!

For me, part of recognizing that love is in having a grateful heart. It’s hard for me to be conscious of the good in my life if I don’t work at it.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Rebounder. I picked up a cheapy one last week and I love it! I like how I can jump for short spurts all throughout the day and I really feel like it gets things moving on all kinds of levels. Love it! Can’t wait to work up to being able to jump for a really long time!!

2. The simple truth that movement begets move never. Isn’t one of the basic laws of physics that an object in motion stays in motion? The short, doable bursts of exercise that I’ve been doing make me want to keep doing it! I absolutely love that feeling

3. My life thus far. All of it- EVERY wart makes me who I am now. All those times I suffered, feeling like I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, whatever enough- Thank You.

4. The people who came to my talk tonight. Thank you for allowing me to share my truth with you. There are many things I get excited about, and eating greens is one of them!

5. That soup Dan made tonight! I don’t know what all it had, but I know it was celery, kale and potato cooked in a vegetable broth some medicinal herbs like astragalus, maca and goji berry, then blended. It felt incredibly nourishing to my body after a long, long day and sick people all around.




For me, this raw food journey has not really been about weight loss.  It has been more about feeling good, finding happiness and overcoming my depression.  I think I have achieved that, although it is not actually a destination!  I still have to work at it constantly and I don´t always do the work I need to do, and then I feel the difference.

Until now, I have been eating basically whatever I want  to – as long as it is raw.  That has meant lots and lots of nuts, nut butters, dates, avocados and raw chocolates.  Not surprisingly, I have not lost much weight at all.  So, I am ready to step up my plan.  I have decided that the number one priority is to get more active.  In addition to my once a week yoga class, I want to jog a little every day and do a yoga video podcast.  I think that is doable and not getting all crazy about it! 🙂

This week, I am going to focus on more cleansing, low-fat foods.  I´m doing a smoothie day today.  All blended foods to get me going and over the hump.  So far today, I have had a pear/orange/strawberry/spinach smoothie with added nettle, mallow and spirulina powders and a sprinkling of bee pollen.  I have also done my first little jogging session with the dogs and an upper body strength Yogamazing video podcast.  It looks like I am on track.

I also decided to join the new RawFu challenge to keep me accountable and motivated.  Spring is in full force, I have  already done a massive clean out in my house so I think my body is ready for it too.

It would also be extra awesome if I could find the money somehow for a colonic in the next 100 days.  But we´ll see!