Easiest Superfood Ice Cream Ever! | Sacred Strawberry

Superfood Banana Ice Cream!

I know that banana soft serve is not a new recipe..there are about a million variations and riffs on the classic and even an appliance that promises to make it for you with no muss and no fuss! But I think it is worth repeating! It is truly one of my most favorite desserts and a real go to recipe when I want something quick, easy and tasty. It doesn’t hurt that my daughter absolutely loves it!

What you need:

Frozen bananas

liquid of some sort (nut milk, water, juice, even tea!)

That is it! Now you can have fun with all the add-ins!

I like to use

1. Something to add color and flavor (cacao powder or carob powder for chocolate ice cream, another fruit like strawberries or blueberries for berry ice cream, etc.)

2. Something to potentiate the sweetness and make it extra yummy (I am partial to lucuma powder and mesquite powder for this but you can use stevia, vanilla, coconut nectar/sugar, local raw honey…)

3. A superfood antioxidant powder (maqui berry, acai berry, camu-camu, rosehip powder, etc.)

4. A green powder of some sort (I am currently alternating Moringa leaf powder and Vitamineral Green. I also love wheatgrass or barleygrass powder and Ormus Supergreens)

That is it! Take your bananas and flavors/powders and put them in the food processor with a little of whatever liquid you are using. Turn it on and watch it transform into a creamy delight right before your very eyes. Add more liquid little by little if your food processor is finding it hard work.