Bee Pollen Smoothies – Sacred Strawberry

First, I want to get something straight.  I´m a vegan, yet I use bee pollen.  They seem mutually exclusive, and I admit that for years I did not touch anything that had honey, propolis, or beeswax.  I probably chose some products that were less natural or ecologically manufactured out of strict dogma.  It is an animal product, and as a vegan I didn´t want it.

Well, fast forward a few years.  For the first time in my life, I began to suffer from seasonal allergies.  Last year was the first year that it happened and I found myself trying many things that I otherwise would not allow into my body.  I took antihistamines, which worked to an extent but were not great.  I even tried homeopathy, and homeopathic pills are virtually impossible to get without lactose.  I told myself that I was doing the best that I could, but was I?

I have known for a long time that local honey has some profound effects in terms of allergy prevention.  I just did not want to go there.  This year though, before the Spring hay fever blitz begins, I have already begun on a regimen of bee pollen.  And surprise, surprise, I love it!

Bee pollen has plenty of other benefits.  Dr. Gabriel Cousens calls it the “semen of the plant world”.  In his epic tome Spiritual Nutrition, he states :

“It is 20 percent protein(gram for gram, it has five to seven times more protein than meat, eggs, or cheese), is 15 percent brain-building oils and lecithin, has sixty-three minerals and most of the B vitamins, and has vitamins C and E, nucleic acids, 5,000 enzymes and coenzymes, and essential fatty acids…Bee pollen is the ultimate biogenic food and the procreative force of the plant world.”

So, with that, I will leave you with a picture of todays smoothie and the recipeMaca Pollen Smoothie

3 bananas

1 nectarine

1 date

half an avocado

2 cups spinach

2 tbsp. maca

1 tbsp green probiotic powder

Blend until creamy and smooth and top with bee pollen.  Makes enough for two large servings.  I love to eat my smoothies with a spoon now